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Ljudevita Posavskog 14
21000 Split
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What to do if you are a tourist crime victim

If you are a visitor to Croatia and have been the victim of a crime or traumatic event, report the incident to Police. The nearest police station to where the incident occurred is the best place to report the crime. Get a report of the incident and contact us directly.

White circle of Croatia can offer the following assistance (free of charge):

· Emotional support
· Legal advice
· Use of telephone/fax/email facilities
· Staff/Volunteers with foreign language skills for interpreting
· Liaison with embassies, Police and other agencies on your behalf
· Help with Cancellation of credit cards
· Organising money transfers
· Help with Re-issue/re-schedule of stolen travel tickets
· Organise transport for stranded tourists
· Help with medical needs

WcC regrets that we cannot offer:

· Financial assistance
· Replacement of stolen items
· Insurance